Decision Point AI Leadership Team

Paul Kiernan Director or Decision PointPaul Kiernan, Director, EU
Paul is a seasoned executive, driving revenue growth for technology and professional services outfits based in Australia and the UK. Specialities: Professional Services, M&A, Executive Search, Technology, Tech Start Ups & Analytics.


Karl Smith Director or Decision PointKarl Smith, Director NORAM,  LATAM, EU
Karl Smith works globally with enterprises primarily in USA, Europe and Australia. He is a former Founder and Global Head of Digital Design at Wipro Digital and Global Head of Mobility User Experience at Accenture. He is also a proponent of the rationalisation of complex data structures to serve and support the strategic thinking and decision-making aspects required by businesses. He has always been fascinated by how technology can augment the lives of humans;

“my desire was not to build things that humans already do but to find out how technology could evolve our human experience”


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