AI Operational Passports for point-in-time records in compliance and regulation

AI Operational Passports for point-in-time records in compliance and regulation

Decision Point AI™ has unlimited potential in all verticals and sectors and can deliver information in a useful format on which to base decisions. In response to growing concerns around the operation and accountabilities of AI algorithms and the potential for legislation or certification of AI’s Decision Point AI has decided to adopt an Operational Passport approach. The adoption of this approach follows the recently launched United Kingdom report on Trust, Transparency and Technology: Building Data Policies for the Public Good, by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Data and Analytics

Building assurance from Data to Decision

With the levels of complexity and constant market movement experienced by organisations, enterprises, divisions defining the right question can often be a huge and expensive process. Long before being able to decide the next move, having the capacity and time to understand all the data points, opinions and perspectives requires months or years to confidently direct transformation, customer relationship management, operational risk management. And for fast moving aspects of commerce, transactions need to rely more and more on automation.

Companies need proof and traceability to confidently make decisions, an AI operational passport reporting at every stage from Data to Decision establishes the assurance needed in regulatory and compliance environments not only explain what was done but why. Karl Smith, Managing Partner of Decision Point AI™ UK

Instead of just providing technology Decision Point AI provides a full service engagement tailored to its clients data journey stage. Our solutions bind technology (computational power) and human expertise and insights together to enable leaders to deliver confident, effective and influential decisions driving organisations, enterprises and divisions to new levels of success.

AI operational passports

AI Operational Passports consistent of two key components;

  • Controlled Vocabulary for defined meanings for regulatory and refinement purposes.
  • Point-in-time reporting and records for regulatory and quality audit, facilitating the investigation of activity and incidents.

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