#Edinburgh based AI start up Decision Point AI™ announces integration with #SHANARRI social framework

Decision Point AI™ are working with the Paisley YMCA, Scotland on a secure application that standardises both the SHANARRI social framework processes and its data. SHANARRI is an acronym for the eight wellbeing indicators in the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) in Health and Wellbeing. It stands for Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible, Included. The indicators are used to structure the information recorded about a child or young person and to monitor their progress across social services.

Since starting Decision Point AI™, we have had to work hard to demystify AI and focus on real world problems with potential clients. We have done this by using professional service consulting and human centred design methodologies along with our AI’s subjective logic, conditional logic and bayesian probability or networks we provide actionable, relatable and accountable decision points to our clients and their end users. Karl Smith, Managing Director, Decision Point AI™
Them2 Application by Decision Point AI and Paradigm Interactions Front

During this first phase of the YMCA initiative the meta data provided by the new application will produce indicators of potential risk and establish an integrated view of each child and young person. This will both enable better actions plans and facilitate a more effective utilisation of the limited and valuable social working resources available to the YMCA. Later phases are proposed to include data from other sources to create a fuller picture of the multiple influences on the experiences of young people and add features to the application to assist workers with associated activities like expenses.

Paisley YMCA are currently going through a number of funding discussion to enable this SHANARRI initiative and are being supported by Decision Point AI. Darran Gillan, Youth and Programme Development Manager, YMCA Paisley.

Paisley YMCA

Paisley YMCA is a digital youth organisation and its aim to support and develop young people to reach their full potential through digitally based cultural and educational projects and programmes that develop an entrepreneurial spirit through its iEnterprise youth business incubator and Makerspace programme, a DIY environment where young people gather to create, invent using digital technology. The partnership with Decision Point AI is another great opportunity to develop real work-related experience within the technology sector leading to further positive destinations for young people in Renfrewshire.  Depending on when funding becomes available, they would expect the application pilot to start in Q2 on 2020 with a full rollout dependant on youth worker feedback.

At Decision Point AI™  we feel a responsibility to utilise AI technology to support the wellbeing of people in our society, to enable the effectiveness of the scant resources available to give access to possibilities for young people regardless on their current environment. Karl Smith, Managing Director, Decision Point AI™
Them2 Application by Decision Point AI and Paradigm Interactions
Them2 Application by Decision Point AI and Paradigm Interactions ©2019

Trust and Security

In line with the recommendations of the Trust, Transparency and Technology: Building Data Policies for the Public Good report, no personally identifiable data will be passed into the AI as it is irrelevant to creating and understanding of the impact of multiple data attributes SHANARRI holds to support young people.  Additionally, the Decision Point AI, AI Operational Passport ensures that both the query attributes and each decision point can be audited and provide traceability for usage assurance.

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