Advanced Entertainment Analytics AEA soft launch

Advanced Analytics AI™ a division of Decision Point AI™ is soft launching Advanced Entertainment Analytics AEA, its self service SaaS portal to find its beta user group. Sign up is available on the website.

The intention behind Advanced Entertainment Analytics AEA is to enable entertainment services companies to be able to utilise their client data in a way that drives actionable insights and provable predictions with our AI engine. The essential part of this system is to enable clients to answer critical questions in a metered way gaining these insights in realtime or as part of their strategic activities. Karl Smith, Founder and CMO Advanced Analytics AI

The initial plan for Advanced Entertainment Analytics AEA is to focus on four key activities;

  • Opportunity Advanced Entertainment Analytics
  • Deal-flow Advanced Entertainment Analytics
  • Audience Advanced Entertainment Analytics
  • Exposure and Risk Advanced Entertainment Analytics

Advanced Entertainment Analytics AEA is one of 11 new SaaS services under construction (from the 30 planned ones) to enable the easy adoption of complex business critical solutions usually only available huge enterprises. This constant income will enable Decision Point AI™ to build its professional services companies to respond to unique business requirements not covered by the SaaS products;

The professional services consulting is focused on analysing client issues and providing consulting services to support strategic, tactical and operational adoption of the Decision Point AI technology. It does this through bespoke consultancy involving Service Design, Human Centred Design and classic Business Analysis techniques.

Decision Point AI™ has recognised that clients need support in understanding where they can gain value from AI in their organisations. To support this we have defined four key offerings for easier adoption. These four offerings also target potential client types, what they will gain, for what level of engagement and input is required from them.

  • Decision Point AI™ Service Applications
  • Decision Point AI™ Enterprise Applications
  • Decision Point AI™ Expertise Applications
  • Decision Point AI™ OEM Applications

Advanced Entertainment Analytics AEA is productisation by Paradigm Interactions Inc. which will be adopted by Decision Point AI dependant upon our SaaS Backend Re engineering Programme.

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