Decision Point AI ™

The world is experiencing Data Overload and Insights are highly interpretive and time sensitive. Critical decisions cannot wait for manual analysis to create contextual meaning from insights, they need unbiased, automated information based on the amalgam of human subject matter expertise and machine capabilities to sift vast data sources to deliver a constant flow of decision guidance.

What if you could plan around what will happen instead of what has happened? Lightbulb appearing from one box in a room full of closed boxes

The platform can deal with what is known and can also consider what is not known. It extends the results of big data tools, descriptive and predictive analytics as well as business intelligence solutions to deliver assessments with actionable outcomes. Assessments highlight what has contributed to the likelihood, indicate potential risks, opportunities and conflicts. Despite the quantity or quality of information available at that time, whether objective or subjective, the road ahead and its challenges are laid out.

Decision Point augmented intelligence supports decision making when there is a lack of data to otherwise make decisions

Decision Point AI ™ is vertical and horizontal Market agnostic and is focused on technology and consultancy services for any industry or organisation. Our Augmented Intelligence Platform is already in use in Government decision making and Decision Point AI is currently engaging with a number of commercial clients on their specific business cases.

Decision Point AI ™ is natural intelligence merged with artificial intelligence to create augmented intelligence

Decision Point AI ™ is a business unit of Veriluma Limited (ASX: VRI) one of Australia’s leading Artificial Intelligence companies providing prescriptive analytics software solutions, serving Europe and the USA.

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